Guns N' Destruction is one of the most authentic Guns N' Roses tribute band in Europe.  


Guns N' Destruction has been performing the music of Guns N’ Roses for more than 10 years,  throughout Europe. 

The band represent the Guns N’ Roses legacy on a high level and play all your favorite Guns N' Roses songs from Appetite for Destruction to Use Your Illusion. The stage production bringing you back to your childhood where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky.  


Don't miss the highest-horsepower festival!


You can surely get your friends and satisfy your appetite for all things GN'R with Guns N' Destruction in the highest-horsepower festival, the Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest in Hungary at Lake Balaton. Buy your ticket now!


Guns N' Destruction was formed by long-time professionals of the European music life – Daniel (UP) on bass guitar, Peter (Rocket Queen) on lead vocals, Kanyesz (ex-Hollywood Rose) on rhythm guitar, Sunny (ex-Hollywood Rose) on lead guitar and Steven (Kiss Forever Band, Love Gun) on drums. Names of band members equal musical quality in themselves, which international audiences are bound to witness pretty soon again.


After more than a hundred concerts - in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Romania and Hungary – we have the appetite for destruction in 2019!

Guns N' Destruction pomo
Check out our new promo video!


We've made a new promo video from the bottom of our heart. So, Check It Now 

... or we will kick your bitchy little ass.


Guns N' Roses tribute band


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